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♥ F1T7 ( science computer summary)


What is Hardware?

Keys, locks, hinges, latches, handles, wire, chains, plumbingsupplies, tools, utensils, cutlery and machine parts.

From previous lecture of science computer, our lecturer had taught us the easiest way to understand and remember the hardware in computer system. That was by using the formula of Hithik Roshan right hand. We already knew he has 6 fingers at his right hand, so our lecturer just use his right hand to remember those devices.

How was it related?
 Let me tell u:)

Thumb Finger       : Motherboard
Pointer Finger     : Processor
Middle Finger      : Input and Output devices
Ring Finger        : Memory
Baby finger        : Storage
Extra 1 finger     : Adapter Card

Actually, he got his own reasons for each finger. Haha! It's quiet funny.
It make me feel so embrassed to write the reasons on my blog. But im so sure that a lot of students of modul 2 know about it. Expecially for those who are same lecture with me. Am I right? 

After study for this subtopic, we known what the functions of each hardware and the image of those devices.


-It is the main circuit board of the system unit.
-It HOLDS many componets of the system which is Processor Slot, Memory slot and Adapter Card.
-It also provides connectors for other PERIPHERALS

-An electronic component on a computer's motherboad.
-CPU speed is measured gigahertz(GHz)

-Inteprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.

Input and Output devices

INPUT  : Any data and instructuions entered into a memory of
         a computer.
OUTPUT : Data that has been procecced into a useful form.

INPUT DEVICES  : Any hardware component that alows users to 
                 enter data and instructions into a computer.
OUTPUT DEVICES : Any hardware component that conveys 
                 information people.

-Consist of electronic component that stpre instructions waiting to be executed by the processor.
-It have two types which are RAM ( Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory)


-HOLDS data,instruction and information for future use.

-It have two types are Primary storage and Secondary storage 

Adapter Card
-A circuit that enhances the function of the component of a system unit and/or provides connections to peripherals ( external devices)

Actually, there are many more informations that we had learned, this is just as a simple summary of them.

Thanks for reading!

The End

Wassalam ^_^

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